Genuine Hayward Black Rubber Sealing Gasket SPX1411Z1


Genuine Hayward Black Rubber Sealing Gasket SPX1411Z1

The Hayward Black Rubber Sealing Gasket (SPX1411Z1) is a genuine spare part designed for liner pool water return inlets. With an overall diameter of 88 mm and an internal diameter of 50 mm, it fits perfectly with Hayward water return wall bodies featuring U-shaped notches. This gasket ensures a secure, leak-proof seal, preventing water from escaping and maintaining efficient pool operation. Made from durable black rubber, it resists harsh chemicals and wear, providing long-lasting reliability. Easy to install, the gasket aligns with the wall body’s notches for a snug fit, ensuring the integrity of your pool’s return system.

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  • Genuine Hayward Black Rubber Sealing Gasket SPX1411Z1


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      Genuine Hayward Black Rubber Sealing Gasket SPX1411Z1


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      Genuine Hayward Black Rubber Sealing Gasket SPX1411Z1

      The Hayward Black Rubber Sealing Gasket is a genuine Hayward spare part, meticulously designed to ensure a secure and leak-proof seal for liner pool water return inlets. This gasket is an essential component for maintaining the efficiency and integrity of your pool’s return system. In this guide, we provide genuine tips and step-by-step instructions on how to properly install and maintain the Hayward SPX1411Z1 gasket, ensuring you get the best performance from your pool equipment.

      Understanding the Hayward Black Rubber Sealing Gasket

      Key Specifications:

      • Overall Diameter: 88 mm
      • Internal Diameter: 50 mm
      • Material: Durable black rubber
      • Design Features: U-shaped cutouts, designed to fit specific wall body designs

      This gasket is crafted to fit the Hayward water return wall body with U-shaped notches, ensuring a snug fit and preventing leaks. The two U-shaped cutouts between the fixing holes align with the notches on the wall body, facilitating proper installation.

      Genuine Benefits of the Hayward SPX1411Z1 Gasket

      Durability and Resistance:

      • Manufactured from durable black rubber, this gasket is resistant to harsh pool chemicals, environmental factors, and general wear and tear.
      • Provides a reliable seal that can withstand pressure, ensuring the integrity of the water return inlet.

      Compatibility and Design:

      • Specifically designed to fit Hayward water return wall bodies, ensuring perfect compatibility.
      • U-shaped cutouts allow for easy alignment and proper installation.

      Installation Guide

      To ensure a proper and leak-proof installation of the Hayward SPX1411Z1 gasket, follow these genuine steps:


      1. Turn Off the Pool Pump: Before starting the installation, ensure the pool pump is turned off to prevent any water flow.
      2. Gather Necessary Tools: You will need the gasket, fixing screws, and a screwdriver.

      Installation Steps:

      1. Align the Gasket: Position the gasket on the water return wall body, making sure the U-shaped cutouts align with the notches on the wall body.
      2. Insert Fixing Screws: Place the fixing screws through the holes in the gasket.
      3. Secure the Gasket: Using a screwdriver, tighten the fixing screws evenly. Ensure the gasket is firmly in place, creating a secure seal.
      4. Check for Leaks: Once installed, turn on the pool pump and check for any signs of leaks. Ensure the gasket is providing a leak-proof seal.

      Maintenance Tips

      Regular Inspection:

      • Periodically inspect the gasket for signs of wear or damage. Replace if necessary to maintain a secure seal.


      • Clean the gasket and surrounding area regularly to prevent build-up of debris and ensure the longevity of the gasket.

      Why Choose the Genuine Hayward SPX1411Z1 Gasket?

      By choosing the genuine Hayward SPX1411Z1 gasket, you are investing in a reliable and long-lasting sealing solution for your pool’s return system. Here are some genuine reasons to choose this gasket:

      • Safety and Efficiency: Helps maintain the safety and efficiency of your pool, reducing the risk of leaks and ensuring consistent water flow.
      • Long Lifespan: Durable rubber material ensures the gasket withstands harsh conditions and general wear and tear.
      • Trusted by Professionals: Compatible with Hayward systems and trusted by pool maintenance professionals.


      The genuine Hayward Black Rubber Sealing Gasket is an essential component for liner pool water return inlets, ensuring a secure and leak-proof seal. Its unique design and durable construction make it a trusted choice for pool owners and professionals alike. By following the installation and maintenance tips provided, you can ensure the longevity and efficiency of your pool’s return system.


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