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  • Acti 1Ltr Water Clarifier £21.00

    Acti 1Ltr Water Clarifier

    Genuine ACTI Product

    The Acti Spa Water Clarifier is a product designed to keep your spa water crystal clear. It achieves this by gathering small, suspended particles and binding them together into larger clumps, making it easier for the filtration system to capture and remove them. This clarifier is highly effective at preventing your spa water from appearing dull or cloudy, which can occur due to the presence of tiny particles like dead algae, skin cells, and other debris that are too minuscule to be effectively trapped by the standard filter system. By using the Acti Spa Water Clarifier, you can enjoy consistently clear and inviting spa water.

  • ACTI 2KG Floc Granules £20.00

    ACTI 2KG Floc Granules

    Genuine ACTI Product

    Floc Granules sink unwanted debris to the bottom of the pool creating clear sparkling water.

  • ACTI 500g Floc Tablets £18.00

    ACTI 500g Floc Tablets

    Genuine ACTI Product

    These popular easy to use 50g floc tablets should be applied weekly to prevent hazy water or alternatively if water clarity is poor. Use with sand filters only and apply via a clean and empty skimmer basket. ACTI Floc Tablets work in conjunction with the sand filter to remove fine particles from the pool, helping you achieve crystal clear water.

    ACTI Floc Tablets
    10 x 50g Floc tablets
    Clarity problems may occur when undissolved solids are present in pool water, either due to heavy use, chemical imbalances, or after algae destruction. Acti Floc tablets will assist your sand filter to remove small suspended solids or particles that otherwise may prove difficult to remove.

  • Blue Horizons JellyCLEAR Cube (1 x 70g) £2.99

    Blue Horizons JellyCLEAR Cube (1 x 70g)

    Genuine Blue Horizon product

    Blue Horizons JellyCLEAR Cubes are gel blocks designed for pool water clarification. These cubes are conveniently packaged in single-use JellyCLEAR Cube presentation packs. They enhance filtration efficiency by coagulating debris and  “tightening” the filter bed. Easy and safe to use in skimmers or weirs, each gel block treats up to 50,000 litres (11,000 gallons) for up to 2 weeks.

  • Goldifloc 1KG Filter Aid Tablets £22.00

    Goldifloc 1KG Filter Aid Tablets

    Genuine Briswim Product

    Goldifloc Filter Aid Tablets are designed to enhance the clarity of pool water. These tablets dissolve slowly and release a coagulant that aids in the filtration process. They help filter sand hold back small particles responsible for water cloudiness. The result is sparkling water, achieved by removing calcium carbonate particles, fragments of dead algae, and other fine particulate matter that may challenge standard sand filters.

  • Jolly Gel Flocculent (4 x 70g cubes) £16.00

    Jolly Gel Flocculent (4 x 70g cubes)

    Jolly Gel is the only flocculant Clarifier on the market proven to work with Sand filters, Zeoclere, Lacronite Clinopure, Zeostar and Purity filter media. Jolly Gel is a very popular and effective pool clarifier that is known for its fast-acting nature, providing excellent results within just a few hours.

    Jolly Gel’s distinctive formula allows it to remove minuscule dust particles from pool water, and its effects last for up to three weeks. It works to eliminate algae spores and reduces chlorine consumption.

    Package Contents: Each Jolly Gel pack contains four 70g cubes.

  • Lo-Chlor 1L Miraclear Pool Clarifier £21.00

    Lo-Chlor 1L Miraclear Pool Clarifier

    Genuine Lo-Chlor Product

    Lo-Chlor Miraclear Pool Clarifier is a unique pool clarifier made from a specialized polymer resin. It rapidly clears even the cloudiest pools in a matter of hours and maintains its effects for up to 30 days. Miraclear represents the ultimate solution for achieving crystal-clear water in your swimming pool.

    Miraclear Pool Clarifier is compatible with all known pool treatments and filter types. It functions by aggregating microscopic particles that would typically pass through the filter system, making it an exceptional enhancer for sand filters.

  • Lo-Chlor 35g Miraclear Cube £6.99

    Lo-Chlor 35g Miraclear Cube

    Genuine Lo-Chlor product

    Lo-Chlor Miraclear Cubes are the only cubes suitable for use in cartridge filters. They are unique, cube shaped, clarifying agents, produce outstanding water clarity and are suitable for use in both pools and spas. The 35g Miraclear Cubes come in a size suitable for pools with capacities of up to 60,000 liters (13,200 gallons) and offer a 30-day treatment duration.

    What is their purpose? Miraclear Cubes are designed to:

    1. Maintain a sparkling pool for 30 days.
    2. Be compatible with all common pool and spa treatments.
    3. Work seamlessly with cartridge, D.E. (diatomaceous earth), or sand filters.
    4. Remove dissolved metals such as iron, copper, and manganese.
    5. Operate by aggregating minuscule particles that typically bypass the filtration system.
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